Friday, November 15, 2019

Small decisions in negotiating systems add up.

This comes from Harvard Business News tip of the day on 11/15/19. It applies to far more than just  business.

Want to Create an Equitable Workplace? It’s the Small Decisions That Add Up
When it comes to eliminating workplace discrimination, we often focus on the big decisions — who gets promoted or who gets the biggest bonus — while overlooking the smaller ones. To create an equitable workplace, identify moments that you might not have thought of as decision points. Work backwards from pay, promotion, and performance criteria. What skills, knowledge, and experience do employees need? Then assess whether all employees have equal access. Pay attention to career paths, especially those roles where early judgments about performance determine access to future opportunities. Also, help employees take charge of their careers. Sometimes, disparities arise — or are exacerbated — because employees don’t know which opportunities are important. For example, a new investment banker who is a first-generation college graduate will need more guidance than someone whose parents were bankers. Don’t expect employees to figure it out on their own, advise them on what specifically they’ll need to accomplish in five or ten years.
This tip is adapted from 10 Ways to Mitigate Bias in Your Company’s Decision Making,” by Elizabeth C. Tippett

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