Thursday, June 11, 2020

Why are tax payors paying for civil damages in malpractice by police officers?

Just how generous are Detroit's pensions?

From  Bozelko, Chandra, "How much police brutality is in our wallet?" The Daily Record, June 8, 2020, p.5

It’s not fair that officers who don’t brutalize people would lose their retirements because of the bad apples. But that’s the problem with these alleged good cops; they’re not that good if they let the bad cops keep choking and shooting people. Putting pensions in danger would cause the cops to police themselves more.
November is coming. Ask candidates to promise to negotiate union contracts where cops’, corrections officers’ and other peace officers’ pockets are on the line with black lives. Vote for those who do

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Before you vote for Sheriff, Mayor, Town Supervisor, Governor, find out what's in the police officer's contracts that they have negotiated.

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