Sunday, October 11, 2020

The goal is to change behavior not necessarily attitudes.

Martin Luther King, Jr. is reported as saying when asked how he would change the attitudes of racists, "Oh, I can't change their attitudes, I want to change their behavior."

His point, I think, is that you can't change prejudicial  attitudes but you can make discriminatory behavior illegal.

When behaviors become penalized they usually change even if begrudgingly.

Now, this assumes that the penalties for illegal behavior are enforced which often they are not at least for certain people who are above the law like Donald Trump who insists there are good people on both sides. As Ibram Kendi points out in his book How To Be An Antiracist there is not such thing as "not a racist." You either are a racist or an anti-racist. Not racist supports the status quo which is racist systematically.

The slogan, "Trump or Democracy," hasn't been used as much as it could and should because what we are facing is the choice of an authoritarian government or the rule of law. The Republicans have chosen the authoritarian route as long as they can retain power. It is up to the citizens of this country to choose what kind of government they want: the cult of personality or the rule of law. It's as simple as that.

Either you support what Isabel Wilkerson calls our caste system upon which the United States has been built or you object to it and work to change it.

Unitarian Universalists covenant together to affirm and promote justice, equity, and compassion in human relations. Will you join us?

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